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Packing Checklist Curacao
Packing Checklist Curacao

How to pack for the Caribbean as a bohemian traveler!

The boho packing checklist for women

Are you preparing for your next trip to Curaçao and wondering what you should pack in order to be both practical and fashionable?

Don’t worry, we got you! Here, are a few items you simply cannot forget —in no particular order!


Bringing your bikini or one-piece swimsuit is a no-brainer. Whether you want to take a dip in our jacuzzi, the pool at ‘t Klooster, or in the clearest sea you will ever see, you are going to need your swimwear. Are you into snorkeling? Bring your mask, snorkel, and fins if you have them. This way you can explore the underwater world, wherever you go. If you don’t have them, plenty of places here rent them out. While our in-room towels are not to be used outside of the hotel, our front office team is happy to provide you with beach towels.

Swimwear Curacao
Swimwear Curacao


Let’s start with the obvious and pack your favorite pair of flip-flops! You are going to an island with quite literally some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Secondly, pack a pair of sneakers if you are into adventurous trips, working out while on vacation, or hiking. You can do some beautiful hikes (e.g. Christoffelberg) on the island, but you may come into some cacti contact, so closed shoes are necessary! Next up, grab a cute pair of sandals and/or heels for those fun nights out or strolls around the city.

Footwear Curacao
Footwear Curacao


As with any trip, we always recommend you bring your essentials with you. Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner.

Mosquito spray, anti-bite gel, and sunscreen are definitely needed when on the island. But we recommend you buy these here, so you don’t have to carry them all with you. Don’t forget your make-up and hair styling products if you normally use these.

But going au naturel is also a vibe!

Packing Checklist Toiletries
Packing Checklist Toiletries


Bring your camera or phone to capture your adventures around the island. BOHO Bohemian Boutique Hotel (and all of Willemstad) makes for the perfect backdrop for your most beautiful photos. GoPros are also recommended if you are a diver or snorkeler. The vivid colors and abundant underwater world are simply a sight for sore eyes.

Don’t forget your laptop if you work remotely, the chargers, and your kindle or e-book reader.

Packing Checklist Electronics
Packing Checklist Electronics


Pack the clothes you’ll need based on your planned activities. For instance:

•          A flowy dress to discover the town’s most vibrant street art.
•          A pair of shorts or a skirt to hit the beach or a happy hour!
•          Some basic tees for any moment.
•          Your PJs / comfy clothes for when at BOHO hotel.
•          Sportswear if you are going to adventure.
•          Party or cocktail attire when hitting the town for some drinks or dinner.
•          And bring underwear, unless you prefer to let it all just go with the flow.

In general, you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. However, some spots within Pietermaai require a bit more of a smart casual look at night. Locals do put in effort to look nice when going out for dinner or drinks — especially at non-beachy venues.

Again, you can be super casual, but a bit of common sense goes a long way. It’s always important to remain respectful on the island and that is also reflected in how you present yourself. For example, it is not appreciated when people enter shops, supermarkets, or other spots barefoot, or in just a bikini.

So use this trip as your moment to bring out your inner island fashionista!

Packing Checklist Clothes Curacao
Packing Checklist Clothes Curacao


Accessories are a girl’s best friend. Complete your looks with your favorite jewelry, and protect yourself from the sun with a good pair of sunnies, a cap or a hat, and one (or more) cute bag(s) to carry it all.

Packing Checklist Accessories Curacao
Packing Checklist Accessories Curacao

A journal

Bring your journal and pen so you can write or draw all your favorite memories and moments down. Journals are a great way to start the day with intention or to end it with gratitude. All your experiences can then be relived through your words or art.

Travel docs & essentials

Bring your prescription medication with you. While we do have pharmacies here, it is best to just bring your own in case it isn’t sold here or your insurance won’t cover it.

Bringing your passport, your flight ticket, and travel insurance seems obvious, but somehow often slips one’s mind until at the airport. Make sure you also fill out the immigration form here.

Packing Checklist Curacao
Packing Checklist Curacao

And that’s it! You are ready for paradise! See you soon and safe travels!