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Travel information

Before entering Curaçao, the traveler must comply with certain conditions such as:

PCR Test

  • They must have done a PCR test max. 72 hours prior to their flight
  • The PCR test result must be negative in order to travel.
  • The traveler must have the PCR test results printed when traveling
  • The airline will control the test results prior to boarding.

PLC Form

  • They must fill in a 'Passenger Location Card' (PLC) digitally before traveling (more details will follow in the next couple of days)
  • The traveler must have a copy of the PLC printed when traveling
  • The traveler must not have traveled to a high-risk country, and if they have, they must go into mandatory quarantine
  • The traveler must fill in and sign the form to the best of their ability and truthfully.

Other Conditions

  • The traveler must agree with all the stipulated conditions of the Government of Curaçao in order to travel to and enter Curaçao
  • The traveler must agree that all medical costs, quarantine costs and/or isolation will be at their own costs.